For Silly Kids

His sister sneezed. Now he has a booger sandwich !
Sa sœur a éternué. Maintenant il a un sandwich à la crotte de nez.
Su hermana estornudó. Y ahora tiene un sándwich de moco.
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Pick a language.

French, Spanish, or English? Now decide if you want to play and learn or learn and play. Just download our e-books from iTunes or browse through our sample pages below.

Ready to play?

Time to test your brain! In the e-book, tap on the hedgehog to see how many words you can pair up or try to save our bilingual pirate with your wits.

Let's hear it!

Do you want to know how to say booger, poo, or zit in another language? You can listen to the e-book and follow karaoke-style (weird noises included).

The fun never stops

On top of the games in the e-books, check out the other wacky stuff we have: word puzzles for the shower and hilarious mugs to brighten (or frighten) your day.


Agent Apostrophe
our travelling worm.

Hehe, did you notice Agent Apostrophe, the little worm who hides in all our drawings? No? Go and check again – he is there somewhere!

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What's this Silly Kids Stuff?

Yes, there are several methods out there to teach or learn languages. But we wanted our e-books to be slightly unconventional, wackily entertaining, and especially memorable.

We picked some topics (body, school, food, etc.), and for each of them we selected some basic key terms in three categories: nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We then shook up our heads together to come up with hilarious sentences and funky drawings designed to make everybody laugh. Each sentence is followed by a cheat sheet to help with the vocabulary. And just to crank up the fun, we decided to hide a little worm, a.k.a. Agent Apostrophe, in every single drawing... Good luck finding him!

You thought that was it? Not even close. Tap the Audio button to hear the sentence and follow the words karaoke-style. Use the Translation button to see both languages. Press the Questions button to answer to our intriguing queries… in any language you want.

For a different language perspective, just flip the device around…

Is your brain frying now??

Interactive e-books!

These e-books were built for your mobile devices with responsive design and playful interactivity.

e-Books screenshots

See what’s included in our e-books: funny sentences, a little worm hiding in every drawing, some karaoke time, intriguing questions, a word-pairing game, word puzzles, and a very wacky hangman.

Different devices

Both phone and tablet-friendly

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Who's behind this silly stuff?

Here is the Uploaded Pen Team: a bunch of silly grown-ups…


The amazingly talented artist behind all the funky drawings. She juggles between her job in the administration (see the red tape on our cover), her creative outbursts (these silly cartoons), two cool kids (ask them about phasms), her bearded man (hint hint), and books (horror is her thing… no wonder after the kids and phasms, haha).


The iOS geek behind the machinery of the e-books, apps, and animations. He is surrounded by the best chocolate, waffles, fries, and Brussels sprouts in the world… Yep, you guessed it: Belgium! Apart from his administrative work, he loves old-style pens (from the times people used to scribble on paper), unusual coins, and new gadgets.


The wordsmith who comes up with the silly content while coordinating tests, translations and sound bites (Ouch!). Half-Belgian/Half-Italian, she lives among scorpions and cacti in sunny Arizona. Chocoholic by birth and language specialist by trade, she works in IT and collects perfume ads from all over the world…


She is the one getting these e-books out into the world as the queen of social media. From South Korea to California, she loves being in the limelight and talking to everyone when she is not busy raising two active kids or training for a marathon. Kids beware, she likes to bite… apples and carrots.


The nerdy Webmaster with the wacky eyebrows and the brains behind the original e-book… A Trekkie from the United States with infinite curiosity ranging from string theory to learning new languages and authoring math games, he travels a lot while waiting for a shuttle to Mars.


The secret agent who likes to hide in all our drawings to be part of the action. He thinks that he is invisible and that nobody will notice a little worm walking around with scuba gear or flying away on a broomstick… Well, guess again Agent Apostrophe! We can see you!

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